Among the most developed countries in the world, Cyprus has an automatic telephone connection with more than 200 countries worldwide. Its national network uses new technology (transmission systems, digital switching and fibre optic cables) and is currently only third in the world for its quality and technology. Telephone calls within the districts in Cyprus costs €0,02 cent/minute. International calls will start from about €0,0354 cent/minute to the UK, only €0,059 to Russia and approximately €0,038 to China. This does obviously depend on the country you are calling and the time of the call. It costs €0.20 cent for a letter up to 20gr within the island, are air mail costs for letters are only 34 cents to nearby countries in Europe and most of the Middle East and to North-East Africa. Additionally, a 2 cent "refugee stamp" must be purchased and affixed to all letters and postcards no matter where they are being sent.



CYTA is a government corporate body and the incumbent telecommunications operator in Cyprus . The company is a customer-driven enterprise operating in a competitive market and provides the full spectrum of advanced telecommunications products and services.