Bringing Pets into Cyprus

It is relatively easy to bring pets into Cyprus after obtaining an import permit from Cyprus Veterinary Services. Pets must be kept under 'house quarantine' for six months, however 'home quarantine' is also possible in a previously agreed area where the Veterinary Services Department will inspect the pet at intervals. This quarantine has now been lifted for pets if specific documents and certificates such as the following are submitted:


•  An examination certificate that states that the pet was clinically examined 72 hours before exportation.

•  Confirmation that the pet was kept in the exporting country since birth or the six months prior to shipment, with no outbreak of rabies.

•  That the pet was treated against echinococcosis and hydatidosis prior to its shipment.

•  That the pet was treated with an insecticidal preparation against ectoparasites prior to its shipment.


Since 1st October, 2004 pet owners travelling within the E.U., who wish to take their pets with them, can do so if they obtain a passport for the pet. This passport must be in the Official language of the member country and will contain information such as sex, breed and name, as well as the health status of the pet. These pet passports are valid in EU member states, but they can also be used in non-E.U. countries. Pets are also given a microchip which is linked to their passport.


Some breeds may not be brought into Cyprus, notably:


•  American Pit Bull or Pit Bull Terrier,

•  Japanese Tosa,

•  Dogo Argentino

•  Fila Brasileiro.


To find out more information please contact the Veterinary Services. (Tel: +357 22 805240/1, Fax: +357 22 332803)