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A joint venture has been created by Antonis Loizou & Associates, which is the largest real estate consulting firm in Cyprus and in the Middle East, and the international law firm of Messrs Andreas Neocleous Law Office , with numerous branches in Cyprus and abroad. KPMG an international business of consultants and auditors has kindly provided financial and tax information. We feel, as a group, that we have the necessary experience to promote such a unique site, especially to the emerging countries.


The site is aimed to become an “one stop shop” for those who require information regarding real estate, taxation/business and legal matters for Cyprus . The site covers, in addition, a wide range of subjects including daily matters for those who want to live in the island.


The site is named Living, Buying Property & Doing Business in Cyprus with the address www.cyprusinformation.com .


This new site is the joint efforts of the above three professional firms. Antonis Loizou & Associates Chartered Surveyors ( www.aloizou.com.cy ) is the largest real estate consulting firm in Cyprus , Messrs KPMG (www.kpmg.com.cy) the International Auditors & Business Consultants and Messrs Andreas Neocleous and Co DEPE ( www . neocleous . com ) which is perhaps the largest law firm dealing with foreign investments in Cyprus .


The site includes special chapters regarding health care, education, banking, registration of Cos , tourism, festivals and events, insurance, sports and so many other items including even importing one's pets.


The site refers to other more specialized sites, such as CIPA (the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency), KEVE (the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce), entertainment events, children's play parks, beaches etc etc.


The target is to inform the site visitors on overall matters regarding Cyprus (cost of living, food cost etc etc) as well as the more specialized items. The venture has employed an administrator who has undertaken the administration a nd the upgrading of the site. The site will be promoted by all three participating firms in local and international exhibitions as well as through their clients' data base.


The site is up and running and although it is now in the English language, it will be translated to Russian, Chinese and Arabic languages within the next 2 months.


The site will accept adverts by certain sections of the economy, such as private schools/universities/colleges, private hospitals, local and foreign banks, insurance Cos and underwriters and others who wish to promote their business activities whereas under a separate section “Business Opportunities in Cyprus” it will place interested foreign investors in touch with local companies and projects – e.g. golf projects, marinas, tourism and any other sort of business etc.


The visitors can apply to the Q&A column of the site for simple matters or directly to the site participants for more specific issues.

The site administrator will try to help out by placing the visitors in touch with the relevant Governmental and other bodies for advice